What are we?


First of all we are an international team of enthusiasts interested in studying luck and intuition phenomenon. The project was founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Besides we are a commercial company pursuing profit. We believe to have created a tool which will help to understand better what luck and intuition are. Can a person multiply, train his/her intuition? We have created software containing various intuition tests and guidelines for self-development.


What is our Mission?


Our investigation is based on assumption that luck and intuition can be multiplied over time by means of concentration and special training. Our mission is to prove this fact statistically and make this knowledge public.


How does it work?


If luck and intuition don’t exist basically then random selection statistic between four variants should be close to 0,25. The result may be slightly different for a particular selection, but it should be steadily approaching to 0,25 with number of experiments increasing. Nevertheless we have already found people who are ahead of this statistics time after time. Can you do the same?


What platforms does my108 support?  


At present both web application www.my108.com and application for iPhone / iPad (Android-based version is expected in the nearest future) are available for my108.


Particular qualities:


        • Several simple, but powerful and interesting intuition tests.

        • Powerful tool for statistics support (mathematically valid results).

        • Results synchronization between mobile application and web application.

        • Result display images by means of diagrams – monitor your progress on a scale of day, week, month, etc.

        • Possibility to overlay diagrams – side-by-side comparison of different users results.

        • Competition is the most interesting. The users are ranked according to their luck rating. Possibility to filter results – compete with people of your age, definite gender, living in your country or city or with those being around (using GPS).

        • Built-in message exchange system – find new friends, competing with people from different countries. Exchange opinions about intuition development.

        • Renewable database including articles and video lessons on intuition development. 

        • By taking a test daily (it takes about 10 minutes) you will learn to focus on your intuition, “listen to it”. Built-in record keeping system demonstrates how many tests you have taken and when as well as reminds to take tests daily (this option can be deactivated).